Gourmet Sweet Treats

2014 Gourmet Sweet’s List

2 treat a

2 treat b

2 treat c

2014 Whoopie Flavor List

Salty Dog Blues

chocolate cake/creamy peanut butter/salted vanilla buttercream/chocolate chips/cashews

Shout at the Devil

chocolate cake/chocolate liqueur buttercream/chocolate shaves

Whispering Grass

chocolate cake/chocolate mint chip buttercream

The Chip

vanilla chocolate chip cake/ vanilla buttercream/nutella

Sweet Emotion

red velvet cake/mascarpone cheese frosting/chocolate shaves

I Want Candy

vanilla cake with m&m’s and pretzels bits/butter cream frosting

All sweet treats are $3.75 ea and are about 3 ounces each.

To place an order, email catering@rockstarbakeshop.com


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